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    Hi, I have a Logan MCV 2017 TCe 90 (0.9 litre). I've had the first service completed by an independent mechanic but the service indicator is stil showing on the dashboard. A typical ignition sequence goes like this: Turn ignition key Right-hand dashboard display (multi-function) shows a car...
  2. General Chat
    Good day all I am trying to reset my service indicator, having changed oil, oil filter and cabin filter. The accepted method being depression of accelerator, with ignition turned on and stamping on brake three times. Worked the first service, but not the last. Anyone experienced this and any...
  3. Logan Electrical
    My 64 plate Logan fuel gauge continually shows the tank as being full, even when I've used half a tank of fuel. It's an electronic control based on the fuel used, signal from the sender unit etc. and I know there is a dashboard reset for it, but no-one seems to know what it is! Can anyone advise...
1-3 of 3 Results