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  1. Dacia Duster Forum
    i have just bought a duster comfort 1.0 you have to buy the cage for the spare wheel seperately or is it already attached .cheers
  2. General Chat
    Hi all, I'm new here :) Had my Sandero Stepway 2013 since 2016 and always driven without a spare tyre! Well I thought that one day a puncture may get the better of me so I'm on the hunt for a spare and jack. Does anyone know if this tyre and jack is suitable? (I know the listing says it is but...
  3. Buy & Sell
    DUSTER 4X2 SPARE WHEEL CRADLE + WHEEL Selling the cradle, jack, spanner, alloy wheel with tyre and all fittings. The cradle was on the car for 6 months. The wheel and tyre have been under wraps from new. Buyer to collect from SR7 8AP, but I am willing to travel some miles to sell. Yours for...
1-3 of 5 Results