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  1. General Chat
    Can anyone tell me of there's a speed camera database for the MediaNav in the UK as I can't seem to find anything??
  2. Stepway Mechanical
    Had a double take the other day. I went for a 50 mile trip in the speccy, average speed around the 50 mark, I re-set the onboard mpg before leaving, on arrival it showed an average for the journey of 51.8. The only thing that wasn't in the the 50's was me! Guess I'll have to do a 65 mile...
  3. Sandero Electrical
    hello, I'm sure I've seen this covered before, but can;t remember where. I recently updated my MediaNav with the free map update and the postcode search (a worthwhile addon for a fiver), but now, all speeds on nav are in km, or, kind of. A 30 mph road was displayed as 63kmh - only a bit wrong :p...
  4. General Chat
1-4 of 4 Results