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  1. Sandero Electrical
    Hi all, The dealer said that my MediaNav (MN1) memory is bricked (after trying to run an update). £600 for a new one. Two questions therefore! 1. I'm looking for a reasonable replacement. So far found xtrons and erisin on Ebay for £220-250. My only need is Apple CarPlay, so that I can run...
  2. Duster Electrical
    Hello All Ive replaced my media nav unit with a new Sony head unit. id like to connect the rear camera to it but can't seem to find an aftermarket harness for it. ideally, I think all I need is a male phono wired connection with the + & - video feed wires & the reverse connection wire too...
  3. Duster Electrical
    Hi all. After getting nowhere with Dacia dealer about getting stereo fitted to my Duster Access, have decided to give it a go myself. Have a iso adapter, and although it fits the two connectors behind the dashboard ok, on one connection there are multiple wires coming from vehicle, but only two...
  4. Duster Electrical
    Hi all, Having a mega frustrating time this afternoon! Am picking up a 1.6 Duster Ambiance (S/S) on Saturday, and want to be ready to fit my existing double din stereo to it. I didn't check when I went to view the car, but from what I can remember, there were no obvious audio controls anywhere...
  5. Stepway Electrical
    Hi all. I'm new here so be gentle. I've checked the forum and couldn't find this specific issue but apologies if it has already been addressed. I've just purchased a new 16GB USB in order to put my albums on it to play in the car (as I can't cope with my wife's music choices anymore). The USB...
  6. Logan Electrical
    Hi Just ordered a new 2019 Logan Access and am going to fit a stereo and speakers. Has anyone done this on a post 2016 facelift model? It seems the manufacturers only list the relevant parts up until that date. I'm kind of guessing that as it the same? radio on Sanderos and Dusters that the...
  7. Duster Electrical
    Hi all, I have just bought a Diesel Laureate, it's a couple of years old and the car stereo included is fairly basic but seems great and has all I need to be able to listen to music via bluetooth/USB key etc: However, there is a usb port on the top right for charging and mp3 files etc: but...
  8. Dacia Logan Forum
    My Dacia Logan radio has "WAIT FOR UPDATE" on the display screen constantly even when the engine is off, I've pressed all the buttons but nothing happens and I'm concerned it might just drain my battery if I leave it like that, anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Just started out the blue...
  9. General Chat
    Hi everyone. Just picked up my Sandero Essential yesterday. So far so good, decent little motor for the price. Just one question really. It has the basic stereo system which has a 3.5mm AUX port but it also has a USB port. Has anyone else had trouble using the USB port to play music through the...
  10. General Chat
    Hi, all I'm trying to transfer all my favourites from my Garmin SatNav to my Dacia I just need to know what format they need to be in and where to put them on the USB key first. I know this is possible since I transferred them from my old TomTom, You can see how to do it here...
  11. General Chat
    Hello! I just bought the medianav for my Dacia but I don't have any speakers in the doors. What do I need to buy for make it work with new speakers? Adapter, cables ? Marcus Sweden
  12. General Chat
    I'm looking to buy a Media Nav to my 2016 Mcv and have come across several different versions and was wondering if anybody can explain the differences? LAN5200WR1 LAN5200WR3 LAN5200WR5 I tried on ebay and so on but would want to find a new one, there has to be a supplier somewhere somehow? Thanks
  13. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    Hi all, i have a sandero Stepway laureatte edition and was considering upgrading the speakers on the car to more higher grade? Has anyone done this modification before and if so how did you fair with it.What reccomendation would you have? Many Thanks
  14. Logan Electrical
    I have been thinking about replacing the basic stereo in my Logan MCV with a unit like this Has anyone on here does anything similar? Is it just a case of swapping them out or has Dacia used custom wiring so I'll have to buy a medianav unit. Thanks
  15. Buy & Sell
    HI. Just bought a 2015 Duster Laureate and am wanting to upgrade to a MediaNav., Has anyone got one for sale preferably including the GPS module Peter
  16. Buy & Sell
    hi have replaced my 1 year old, working perfectly oem head unit on my duster laureate. double din , bluetooth compatible...etc etc you know the unit ! in perfect working/cosmetic condition. £75 + pp anyone? pm me simon
  17. Stepway Electrical
    I don't suppose anyone has a wiring diagram for the stereo ? I finally got around to purchasing a all singing all dancing sat-nav DVD TV ect and its not as plug and play as i was hoping. a technician at work will sort it for me IF I've a diagram but wont touch it as its under warranty without one.
1-17 of 25 Results