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  1. Sandero Electrical
    While messing about with my Sandero Ambiance's interior, I took out the dummy switch panel underneath and to the right of the steering column. Behind one of the dummy switches, I found what would appear to be the wiring for ECO mode. Just wondering if any of you guys know what switch I would...
  2. Dacia Logan Forum
    Hi all, Very happy with my Logan but very frustratingly have no idea what the switch does in the attached image? Have looked in the handbook and Googled to no avail. Any help gratefully recieved. John.
  3. Dacia Logan Forum
    I ordered my Logan MCV with the protection pack and so it has the rear parking sensors fitted. The handbook for the car and the instructions for the sensors show that there should be a button to turn it on and off. It should be located next to the eco button but I don't have it. Can anybody...
1-3 of 3 Results