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  1. General Chat
    Hi all. looking for tyre recommendations for my new 13 plate Duster DCI 4x4. Have been recommended RainExpert 3 SUV's as a cheapish option, around 57 a corner. However these are a summer road tyre, I am just wondering if I NEED winter tyres? I do mostly tarmac road driving with some odd dirt...
  2. Dacia Duster Forum
    Hi i am david and i am looking for part worn tyres Newark for my duster. If anybody have such tyres then drop your contact and price with complete detail
  3. General Chat
    Hi All, I have TPMS warning lights continuously on display on my dash. Have tried the reset protocol and only works for a short while and then they come back on. Tyre pressures are fine. Coming up for my first MOT and worried this will be a fail. I think the sensor need replacing but have...
  4. Logan Mechanical
    2015 Logan MCV Rear tyres ( Continental ) only the outer edges are wearing , remainder of the tyre is fine. The car is used for commuting to and from work and seldom carries more than a weekly shop. Have you any ideas why this is? and what can be done to stop me having to change four tyres...
  5. Dacia Duster Forum
    Hello. New member and due to get a Duster commercial 4x4 in the next week or so. It will be used off-road and I will be fitting a set of AT tyres. Does anyone know what the max width you can fit before they start fouling suspension or trim? Maybe 235/60/16? As the diameter is almost identical.
  6. General Chat
    I'm off to Bavaria this Winter and HAVE to use winter tyres. I've been messing around with different options, and bought an extra spare and 2 snow tyres, until I found out all the tyres had to be Winter ones, not just the fronts. :( I've just had 4 Michelin CrossClimates fitted, which are...
  7. Stepway Interior / Exterior
    When I have the time I'll do some 'proper' photos at a nice location however in the meantime you'll have to do with a phone pic. Wales in May might be such a time!
  8. Dacia Sandero Stepway Forum
    Hi, as I should only fit tyres that are authorised for use on the vehicle and listed in vehicle's registration documents, I ask you what are the tyres listed on registration document of Dacia Sandero Stepway Prestige (current car model)? I need to buy snow tyres. Regards, GreenBay
  9. Dacia Duster Forum
    Guys, Having fitted new alloys, I am selling my original wheels with tyres, having done only 400 miles!
  10. Buy & Sell
    Guys, Having fitted new alloys, I am selling my original wheels with tyres, having done only 400 miles!
  11. Duster Mechanical
    I am considering fitting 17 inch 7J alloys to my Duster. Why 17 inch you may ask? Well ..... there is a better choice of wheels in that size and they should look like the wheels fill the arches better. It's an optical illusion though as the rolling diameter is virtually the same with 215/55R/17...
1-11 of 11 Results