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  1. General Chat
    HELP PLEASE. Am a happy Dacia Duster 2018 owner and find the car great but...... decided to update my UK and Ireland maps. Loaded the usb stick and downloaded the "fingerprint" of my Media Nav. Ran the Dacia toolbox and inserted the usb stick. All good. I purchased an update of the map I...
  2. Dacia Logan Forum
    My Dacia Logan radio has "WAIT FOR UPDATE" on the display screen constantly even when the engine is off, I've pressed all the buttons but nothing happens and I'm concerned it might just drain my battery if I leave it like that, anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Just started out the blue...
  3. Sandero Electrical
    hello, I'm sure I've seen this covered before, but can;t remember where. I recently updated my MediaNav with the free map update and the postcode search (a worthwhile addon for a fiver), but now, all speeds on nav are in km, or, kind of. A 30 mph road was displayed as 63kmh - only a bit wrong :p...
1-3 of 3 Results