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  1. Logan Electrical
    Hi, I´m new here in this forum and hope to find some help witn this. Some monts ago I bougth an "automatic power window roll up module", but cant figure out how to install it, because I dont know very well the wiring of my Renault Logan 2007 (here in Venezuela its sold by Renault not Dacia)...
  2. General Chat
    Hello All, When greeting my Duster in the mornings, there is on occasion moisture / dew / condensation on all the windows including the Windscreen (All outside) - All cars experience this phenomena... On previous cars, all I would do is to unwind the windows, and then return them back to a...
  3. General Chat
    Just wondering if anyone has looked into, or had fitted, tinted windows? Either in a Duster or a Sandero? I read online that it costs about £140 to tint the back section of a Ford Focus (back window, side back windows only) and I am guessing that they use pre-cut kits to install. But if I...
1-3 of 3 Results