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  1. Duster Electrical
    Morning, Having recently had my Logan vandalised with the wing mirror kicked to bits, I decided to look to replace this myself (how hard can it be), so ordered the relevant part online and fitted it with little problem. However... the replacement mirror I bought is not heated so I didn't have...
  2. Logan Interior / Exterior
    Hi All. I'm hoping someone can help please, as some F***ing Twat kicked my O/S wing mirror off last night, and I'm trying to find the correct replacement. Its a 2015 Laureate with gloss black paint and electric/heated mirrors, but after looking on ebay, some say 5 pin & some say 7 pin & I...
  3. Sandero Interior / Exterior
    Happy easter monday! Anyone know how to remove this panel/cover? (pictured (highlighted in red) I'm sure it's just a case of prying it off... but before I make myself look like a fool and break it, I thought I'd ask. I recently bought some rubbing strips, and over a arduous week long process...
  4. Duster Interior / Exterior
    My drivers door mirror was taken off by a straying driver coming the other way - very scary close call - at least only the mirror was hit. I've bought a replacement unit and cover but the cover is black and I need it to be in silver paint as per the original fitted to '15 plate Duster Laureate...
1-4 of 5 Results