"Wild Carpathia" team started the shooting for the fourth episode of the documentary dedicated to wild forests in Romania. Supported by the Dacia Duster cars made available by Dacia car manufacturer, the British film team covered more than 10,000 km in Romania to film, starting last autumn and this winter.

"This fourth part of the documentary will be about Romania in winter. Although cold, it is extremely beautiful. I wanted to capture the country frozen, caught between ice and snow, to show people they have reasons to come here in winter, just like in summer. (…) A shooting day depends a lot on weather conditions and there are a million things changing, so you have to be very flexible. My style is to film much more, because I want to have a wide choice when I get to the editing stage", said Charlie Ottley, anchorman and author of "Wild Carpathia", in a recent interview to TVR Journal.

Since September 2015 until the beginning of 2016 the "Wild Carpathia" film team travelled more than 10,000 km in Romania aboard Dacia Duster. Actually all the team's trips between 2012-2015 were undertaken in 4x4 cars made available by Dacia. "Wild Carpathia" started in 2011 and was co-funded by the "The European Nature Trust" NGO. The documentary aimed to raise awareness on the environmental issues in the country, to underline their natural beauty and to encourage eco-tourism.

The celebrities interviewed in previous episodes included His Royal Highness Prince Charles of Wales and her Royal Highness Crown Princess Margareta of Romania, as well as local celebrities such as Loredana, Grigore Leşe, Ivan Patzaichin. The documentary, viewed by an audience of millions of viewers worldwide, was broadcast globally on Travel Channel, as well as by generalist TV channels in Romania (TVR, ProTV).

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