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After spending time reading through the forum and various Dacia websites I thought I would post a series of contributions comprising facts from Dacia UK that two dealers will not or will not share. These facts have helped me to decide which engine option I will choose.

1.2 16V 1.2 D4F Service Programme

Service Interval 12K or 1yr

Oil Change 12K or 1yr

Oil Filter 12K or 1yr

Cabin Filter 12K or 1yr

Air Filter 36K or 4yrs

Spark Plugs 36K or 4yrs

Timing Belt 72K or 6yrs

Accessories Belt 72K or 6yrs

Coolant 72K or 5yrs

Brake Fluid 72K or 4yrs

Service Checks - Refer to Service Programme Check Sheet RL236 for the checks to be carried out at each service interval

Does anyone have a copy of Service Programme Check Sheet RL236 they can share?
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