Romanian car manufacturer Dacia, which does not do business in the United States, has reimagined the owner's manual by commissioning a group of artists to recreate the rather technical booklet as a work of art, prose, and poetry.

Yes, poetry. About such topics as seat belt usage and tire changes. The illustrations are pretty cool too - in a avant-garde-y, Eastern-European-y kind of way.

We can just hear former "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson exclaiming "Great!" in mock admiration.

According to a company spokesperson:

Dacia is the traditional sponsor of Gaudeamus, the biggest book fair in Romania. To mark the 10th anniversary of the partnership, Dacia and Publicis launched a collaborative volume - a new spin on the owner's manual, that tackles different genres, spanning from [Science Fiction] to romance, and everything in between, with every story illustrated accordingly - The Alternative Car Owner's Manual.

Thanks to the combined work of more than 30 writers and illustrators, Dacia hope their owner's manual will now be opened for more than just emergencies - and for when you can't get the Bluetooth system to recognize your phone.

Man, I hate that.