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In case anyone else mis-understands the mis-fuelling cover (as I did) provided by the optional Dacia Assistance Added Cover:

At the time of my recent mis-fuel I did not have my "cover" documents with me (would I?). I incorrectly believed that a mis-fuel would result in the AA coming to my assistance and then charge me for replacement fuel and, maybe, charging me also for disposal of the contaminated fuel they extracted. It's not quite like that!

I now understand that, if one has Added Cover, the standard AA charge for evacuating the tank at the the incident site and providing £12-worth of fuel is £245. If you don't have Added Cover, there is an additional AA call-out charge of £120.

HOWEVER, what didn't "come through" during my conversations with Dacia Assistance (aka the AA) was that I had the option of free recovered to another place for someone else to do the decant etc, with the latter being at my cost.

(I won't bore you with long version of the conversations I had. Also, if you have read the terms of Added Cover more than once and then sought the necessary clarification (!!) this might have dawned on you, but it hadn't dawned on me.)

Anyway: if I had had my wits about me, or known differently, I would have requested free AA recovery to another place. Alternatively (with hind-sight), I would have plugged the tel. no. for a potentially cheaper on-site service into my mobile phone . Wish I had, as there is at least one national company that will deal with the problem at the location of your choice for, potentially, less than the AA's £245 (leaving aside the extra AA charge of £120 for non-Added Cover call outs).

So, in summary; with DA Added Cover, you can save costs on mis-fuels through the AA. However, you might still be better off (£s) if you call someone else to do the decant of contaminated fuel.

[Not withstanding the above, I reckon DA Added Cover (at £25 p.a for 3 yrs) is still worth it - check it out! Also, I'm awaiting AA response re a requested reduction of their on-site mis-fuel charge given that the flat-bed truck recovery option for my 4WD was not offered as an option!]
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