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Dacia: Dacia Duster Ambiance 4x2 (2015)
Short Description: My first brand new car in 30 years of driving: I fell in love with the Duster holidaying in France a few years ago, and have been planning the purchase since then.

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…just realised that I've had my Duster for 6 months, and clocked up a fraction over 6k miles - which is somewhat higher than normal, as I usually only drive around 9k a year, plus a 3k on bikes. Like a number of others, I researched this (very helpful) forum and various motoring press sites before:

  • satisfying myself that the 'Rusty Duster' issues had been addressed between Phases 1 and 2; and
  • convincing myself that the mid-range Ambiance-spec gave me pretty much everything I needed, compared to what I could get on the second hand market for a similar price.

…first impressions were good, and have been borne out by the first 6 months of ownership and driving:

  • The high riding position combined with relatively low overall weight means that it handles like a boat, albeit a comfortable one;
  • The fuel economy is impressive - occasional 50+mpg fills, with an overall average of 49 point something;
  • The styling is quirky and attention-grabbing - there are a few other Dusters around here, and they all stand out in traffic;
  • The functional equipment all works well, and gives me what I need;
  • Load capacity is excellent, and I'm happy to forego the attractive flat load bay of the 4x4 for the extra volume - 66 litres - of my 2WD.

…there are, however, a few very minor niggles, which I am prepared to live with:

  • Why is the horn button on the end of the light stalk, rather than in the steering wheel central boss?;
  • Why is the radio volume control adjusted by a pair of up & down buttons, rather than the central knob?; and
  • Well, that's about it, actually…everything else is grand.

I have, however, made a few minor 'tweaks', such as:

  • Wheel arch trims, mudflaps & resprayed wheels;
  • Front & rear door wind deflectors;
  • Boot liner & lip protector; and
  • Front & rear skid plates &
  • Fog lamp surrounds.

Overall, I think she looks good…and I can't think of any more 'cosmetic upgrades' she needs… [answers on a postcard please]

Okay, so I've spent a couple of hundred quid on some things which come as standard on the top-spec Laureate Duster, but:

  • I prefer my girl's stealthy black sills, roof bars and door mirrors;
  • I don't need to worry about kerbing precious alloys;
  • I can live without aircon;
  • I can transfer my existing NavMan sat nav among 5 vehicles, rather than have to reprogramme a MediaNav from scratch; and
  • I'm still over a grand better off…


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...and a current pic...


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