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Dacia Central Logistics Direction ensures the link between the Commercial Direction, on the one hand, and the Assembly Plant and the Powertrain Plant, on the other hand. The Direction employs 600 people. The manager of the Dacia Central Logistics Direction is Jean DETRUN.

Dacia Central Logistics Direction comprises several departments:

  1. Industrial programming and planning,
  2. Transport parts and vehicles,
  3. Renault Industrie Roumanie - International Logistics Network (RIR-ILN).

Renault Industrie Roumanie - International Logistics Network was set up in 2005 as an export platform, its mission being to send Dacia parts towards other Renault plants manufacturing vehicles from the X90 family. Initially, the activity of Renault Industrie Roumanie was carried out within the Dacia plant, and then it was reorganized on the new location, that of today, outside the Dacia industrial platform.

RIR-ILN manages approximately 8,000 references, i.e. parts necessary for the manufacturing of various versions in the X90 family: Logan, Sandero, and Pick-Up. In order to provide these parts, the RIR center is in permanent contact with 306 suppliers, out of which 83 are based in Romania and 223 outside the Romanian borders.

The RIR-ILN is organized in 3 departments:

  1. Industrial Logistics
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Quality. Engineering

RIR-ILN started its activity by exporting CKD collections towards the plants in Russia, Morocco and Columbia. Only a year after its setting up, it succeeded to manage the export of components for the car manufacturing of 8 plants from 7 countries:

  1. the Plant Somaca - Casablanca (Morocco)
  2. the Plant Sofasa - Envigado (Columbia)
  3. the Plant Avtoframos - Moscow (Russia)
  4. the Plants Iran Khodro and Iran Pars (Iran)
  5. the Plant Ayrton Senna - Curitiba (Brazil)
  6. the Plant Mahindra Renault (India)
  7. the Plant Nissan South Africa (South Africa)

The number of vehicles sent in 2009 was of 293 283, out of which 37 484 vehicles towards 77 dealers from Romania and 255 799 vehicles were exported (68 destinations).

There were 29 128 trucks sent with 216 426 vehicles and 307 trains with 76 857 vehicles.

Key figures:

  • Total area: 150,000 m²
  • Built area: 36,000 m²
  • Employees: 300
  • Equivalent in number of vehicles sent in 2009: 223,507 units
  • Number of m³ sent in 2009: 551,842 m³.

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