Dacia Mechanical and Chassis Plant registered in July 2015 the production of 500,000 Energy TCe 90 motors. The Energy TCe 90 motors produced in Mioveni are currently installed on the Dacia models (Logan, Logan MCV, Sandero and Sandero Stepway), as well as on Renault models (Clio IV, Twingo). About 80% of the output was exported. The Energy TCe 90 motor is also produced at the Renault plant in Valladolid, Spain.

„Energy TCe 90 is a motor which the Mechanical and Chassis Plant teams are proud of. It is a motor produced in Romania: many of its integrated parts (distribution casing, semel, cylinder head cover, cylinder casing, level cover, flyer and crankshaft) are produced at Dacia. The Mioveni plant was the first plant within the Group worldwide which has produced this motor as of July 2012. The production line is currently adapted for a capacity of 450,000 units per year", said Philippe Nottez, manager of the Mechanical and Chassis Plant.

0.9l TCE, 3 cylinders, 898 cm3
With its innovating engineering, the TCe 90 propeller weighs 15 kg less than a motor of equivalent power. This ensures supple and energetic restarts and accelerations, blending together the pleasure of driving and low fuel consumption (5.8 l/100 km in urban cycle and 4.6 in extra-urban cycle). The CO2 emission level ranges between 112 and 115 g / km, depending on the model.

The Dacia Mechanical and Chassis Plant, covering 18 hectares, is the second plant on the Mioveni industrial platform (together with the Dacia Vehicle Plant) and the first mechanical plant within Renault Group worldwide in terms of process diversity. The plant has 3,900 employees, of which 27% women. In the four production departments of the Plant the unfinished aluminium parts are produced, the motors and gearboxes are assembled, the front and rear bridges, the axles and the GMP (Moto-Propeller Group) frames are installed for the vehicles in the Dacia, Renault and Nissan ranges assembled in Mioveni and in other plants in the world.

The plant uses the production system common for the plants within the Renault - Nissan Alliance, Alliance Production Way (APW).

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