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Same old problem, the wires break off at the solder point due to the short distance from there to the opening the wires are threaded through. The constant bending of the connection points causes the wires to flex at that point and break off. This is due to the internals of the stalk turning ~50 degrees with the light switch. On my 2015 Renault Sandero Stepway these are Blue and Yellow.

Quick recap to this point:
turn steering wheel left 90 degrees
two torque screws below the steering wheel
top cover has two clips either side, pull by hand to release
two smaller torques screws releases the indicator stalk from the column,
wiggle it out, release the grey plug
two more small torques on the stalk
small flat screwdriver on the stalk cover in the two "indents" to release cover clips on either side.
desolder wires to free stalk from stalk body.

Shoe Bumper Gas Personal protective equipment Fender

The trick I employed was to wind the new wires I attached around the stalk. This has the wire bending slightly all the way through about ~3cm worth rather than the ~0.3mm just above the solder point. There is still a roughly 4mm section of the wires where the solder was drawn into the insulation making them not flexible. This section of wire immediately at the joint I bend 90 degrees in the direction of the wind.
Bicycle handlebar Bicycle part Electrical wiring Electric blue Wire

You can see the blue and white wires tightening slightly around the stalk when the lights are switched.
Lights on:
Bicycle part Gas Auto part Electric blue Automotive wheel system

Lights off:
Bicycle part Gas Auto part Electric blue Automotive tire

One thing to remember is to then redirect the hooter wires through the other slot. The photo below is from before I started which I used to note the colour of the wires before I desoldered them. I indicated the "new" slot for the hooter button with the yellow arrow:
Circuit component Electrical wiring Passive circuit component Hardware programmer Audio equipment

When re-fitting the top cover do remember to push the indicator reset pin in slightly, so it locates on the corresponding hole in the white "wiper".
It is also easier to refit the stalk to the column before pushing the plug in.

Happy hooting!


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Same old problem, the wires break off
Unfortunately, I've deleted the photos of my repair but I managed with a little easing of the plastic close to the break point to add a section of heatshrink sleeving, taking the flexing position a little away from the end of the stalk which I hope will prevent the cable flexing and breaking at the one location. I also used cable that was a little more flexible than that originally used by Dacia.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
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