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Finally loaded the dokker ready for the long road trip to Santander, initially planned to go via Zarragossa ,Pamplona ,but after agreeing to take some wine to the daughter in law the weight and space prompted me to change route and go via Madrid ,flatter and cheaper,(no tolls).

Had to lower all the seats ,(easy peasy in the dokker compared to the old Peugot partner) ,and with the better half packing for a lifetime move! ,the load space was filled up to the top of the head rests.

Full tank of fuel 50 litres ,set the speed limiter to 110kph ,covers nearly all speed traps on the way and set off ( Medianav gave journey time as 9 hours 20 minutes).

With stops the journey took 11 hours , arrived Santander with the fuel gauge showing last segment and the on board computer giving me a further 140 km range, past experience with fuel gauges made me nervous so I filled up as soon as I could.

Doing the maths...not my strongest skill, with the fuel used and kilometres covered the consumption worked out to 1 litre for 20km ,which made the final segment range seem about right ,so that would be 5litres/100km. Seems good to me!

The ferry I used was a new operator on the Spain to UK route ,LD Lines ...Hmmm!

Santander port Area is being refurbished and the place is a mess at the moment ,the "usual " entrance ,on a roundabout is all a mass of corrugated iron sheeting ,and there is no signage to indicate where you should go to get into the Port Ferry Terminal ,the confusion was apparent by the amount of trucks ,caravans and cars going back and forth along the front ,doing the same as me ,looking for the entrance to the Terminal.

I eventually found a gate with an intercom system, upon pressing the call button and talking to a watchman ,this was the gate ,at 4pm he will open up and switch on a flashing sign! managed to park up nearby .

, on yellow lines, along with loads of abandoned Spanish cars and people waiting for the Ferry ,Palm Sunday and the town was busy with parades.

4pm got into Ferry Terminal ,glossing over the booking in procedure , other than to say it was typically Spanish in its efficiency ,30 minutes for the first two cars (each) as the booths had no paper to produce the boarding cards required ,and it was a Sunday etc etc!

The Ferry was late arriving ,the boarding was slow ,and to top it all ,the cars were all put onto an open air deck ,not impressed at all.

Arrival was late ,disembarking slow and the Dokker was encrusted in salt particles as the crossing was quite windy and rough.

Overnighted,(actually due to late arrival, overmorninged ), in Wimborne Minster ,Kings Head ,the highlight of the journey ,very good night porter, great room and rate, and a great breakfast, recommended ! 45 GBP)

First stop next morning ,car wash to get rid of salt all over the vehicle.

The journey up to Ipswich was okay ,the engine purring all the way and the Medianav spot on.

Only concern was the M25 ,long roadworks system ,50 MPH and stay in lane ,did so ,(with speed limiter to keep me right ). Had a Tarmac lorry come right up behind me ,floodlights flashing and horn blaring ,within an inch of the rear bumper ,I am not for moving!!

Eventually the car on my inside panicked and let the lorry undertake, he then did so , scared a car in front and then was behind a truck obeying the speed restrictions ,5 minutes ,at 50MPH (still!) I toodled past him . He avoided eye contact!

Am now ensconsed in Ipswich , Dokker unloaded , interesting observation , did not see another Dacia all the time I was travelling in UK!

Was quite intrigued by the amount of interest shown by cars and vans overtaking though.

The start of a three month stay so hope to see a few dacia owners on the road.
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