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Had Dokker now for just over 6months ,8K on clock so it is getting a good workout.

February and March pottered around in Spain just getting used to the vehicle, everything really good and so much better than my old Peugot Partner in all departments.

Niggles ,not many ,gears "sticky " in first and second ,rear door catch awkward to shut on occasions and an annoying Vibration from front wing area at low revs .

Now after "running in" , the gears have loosened up and I can flick up and down no problem ,the rear door catch would not ,not shut every time I popped in to see the dealer ,I have identified the problem ,the mechanism occasionally close early and will not allow closing, when back in Spain will get it sorted ,although now I know what it is I tend to automatically sort the problem and it causes no bother ,the vibration was cured with a visit to the dealer and a good mechanic, the wing panel just needed a "tweak" to re align it and since then the vibration has not occurred again.

Since April I have been in the UK (3 months) and now just about to leave Ireland after 6 weeks to travel back to Spain ,the Dokker has handled the wet and windy weather well and there have been no concerns at all ,the ABS has been great on the one occasion I had to brake hard (Norfolk tractor on blind corner) and the speed limiter a great asset ,no worries about exceeding the speed limits ,will be a greater asset back in Spain with the new zero tolerance speed limits .

Here in Ireland it has handled well in the traffic in the Midlands ,Dublin and Belfast and now that I have bedded in the engine it has a good turn of speed and acceleration when needed .

Whilst driving around the firmness of the seats has added to pleasure of driving long distances and both I and the wife have enjoyed the lack of aches and pains we have experienced in other vehicles.

Loadwise ,the reason we got it in the first place is really the deal breaker ,four and a half months worth of "must have" shopping has failed to "fill her up!" (so far) ,we still have a day to go !

Whilst in Uk I bought some "Poormans " car polish for white cars and some Tortoise shell wax gloss polish to give it a shine and after four weeks of no cleaning ,torrential rain and a heap of driving the paintwork is still gleaming , and just to top it all off my fuel consumption is ,according to the on board computer running at 4.7 litres /100 km .

In summary I can not sing enough the praises of my Dokker ,I really am looking forward to the drive down to Rosslare and later the trip from Gijon Port to Alicante and then a bit of Sun therapy after the Engish summer and the "Grand days "of Ireland !
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