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My Duster has started to produce a clunking sound from the rear when on anything but smooth roads & sometimes when cornering.
Experience suggests that it's one or both trailing arm bushes that have degraded - I've just re-bushed a Fiesta that had the identical symptom - problem sorted.

On some cars, the manufacture spec says new arm to chassis bolts must be fitted & certainly, on the Fiesta, that was the case & new bolts were provided with the bush kit.
However, I cannot find new arm to chassis bolts for sale for the Duster. Do I assume from this that the bolts are reusable or just that there's insufficient market for them?
I've found calling Renault main dealers pointless - never have they provided reliable info - hence turning to a much better source of info - this forum.

So questions are please:
1) Are the arm to chassis bolts reusable or must they be replaced ?
2) What is the torque setting for this bolt - and for the other rear suspension bolts too if you have them ?

If replacing both trailing arm bushes doesn't fix my problem, then I'll then replace all the other smaller bushes - all 10 of them (all same part no 8200839121)

Trailing Arm Part no's if your interested are:
551119305R or 8200841004 - Rear Left (complete assy)
551107894R or 8200839107 - Rear Right (complete assy)
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