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Good afternoon

Does anybody know how to disable the alarm?

I've got a Cobra code which I apparently have to key in with a button down by the glovebox, but an hour after setting the alarm has gone off again!!

On some forums, people say "press the button once" but this doesn't do anything!

Does the engine need to be started when attempting to disable the alarm?

Any info would be great as the Renault dealer I purchased from (earlier today) has now closed for Xmas!

Many thanks

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Is there not a manual for the alarm in a blue folder in the glove compartment?

Here is a link to the manual [PDF]

Arming the system with the volumetric ultrasonic protection disabled.

This function allows to arm the system leaving temporarily disconnected the interior volumetric protection. The protection must be disabled any time you leave somebody or an animal in the vehicle. Also if you want to leave any window opened please disable the protection to avoid false alarms. All other protections remain active.

To disable the volumetric protection proceed as follow:switch the engine off being sure that the ignition switch
has been turned to the OFF position. Within 5 s press the emergency panel pushbutton and keep it pressed until it
will flash once to confirm that the volumetric protection only has been disabled. By keeping the pushbutton pressed
the system will confi rm with two fl ashes that the additional sensor input only has been disabled, with three fl ashes
for both of them disabled. The selected protection will remain disabled until the system will be disarmed. It will
be automatically restored at the next arming.

To disable completely, for example if you or a garage are doing some work on the car, you need to enter the alarm PIN code using the button. See Manual Page 11, section 5.
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