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Hi, I am selling my Blue spark CR1 Tech performance plug in chip used in my Duster.
It's like new and has been on my Duster for almost 40,000 miles. It made a huge difference to performance with bhp increasing to around 135 from 109 standardand torque from 240 standard to around 270 which really helped especially when towing.
It reduced the turbo lag and made even steep incline in 6th gear easy with a trailer.
It can be removed by unplugging before service and takes 2 min to put car back to standard.
If you drive gently and don't use the extra power it can help with fuel economy too but I used the extra power and noticed no difference in economy.
Only selling as I am trading the duster in at the weekend for a pick up truck.
Cost £79 and will take sensible offers as it's no use to me.
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