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Hi All,

Today i took a test drive in a Duster Prime 4 x 2 1.5DCI and thought i would share a few observations;

Being a man of ample proportions (proper man sized!!) i was pleasantly surprised at the amount of room in the Duster, even in the back there was plenty of room for me behind an average passenger.

The interior was very nice, yes the dashboard etc. is hard plastic instead of soft touch but not unpleasant and in no way detremental to the test drive or driving experience in general. At first glance some of the switches are maybe not in the most intuitive position but that is only a matter of familiarity.

I took the car on a "normal" test drive route but specifically on a dual carriageway at high speed, at no time was the road/wind noise excessive or intrusive, in fact i think it was better then my current Insignia Estate 2.0 diesel which has loud road noise. The radio seemed fine and i could hear it clearly at 70mph.

The driving position was comfortable and would improve with some "fiddling" i have no doubt; although for long distance only time would tell, ideally i would maybe like to hire one for a weekend road trip. The high point of view was excellent with good vision all round. The engine (which had 9000 miles on it) was very nippy and surprisingly responsive, much more so than i was expecting. All in all it almost felt like i was driving a small hatchback and not an SUV.

The seats and belts etc. all felt good quality, but i did find that the doors were quite light and as such needed a firm hand when closing. Window controls were easy to reach and i did not find that the "window box" caused any problems with my knee when driving.

The boot interior and rear seat backs could be better quality and better finished but were not cheap and tacky and better than i had been expecting, i would prefer to have a "roller blind" luggage cover instead of the hard plastic one. I was told that currently i could expect delivery at the end of September (for a Duster Prime).

I do have a couple of questions please, as the sales staff were a bit iffy with facts and figures....

1. Can anyone tell me if the 4x4 drives the same as the 4x2?

2. Can anyone confirm that the 4x4 comes with a spare wheel, is it full sized, is is housed within the boot instead of the external cage of the 4x2

3. Does the Prime come with an armrest? I thought it did but this one did not have it

Lastly, this Duster Prime had tinted headlights, is that normal?

cheers in advance


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No the 4x4 drives very differently to the 4x2, the gear ratios are different and the way you 'drive' them is different.

Full size spare wheel inside the boot. Because of the 4x4 gubbins underneath it has to be and this does make the boot smaller. Mind you the boot was huge before so it's not usually an issue.

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you only get the full spare wheel with the 4x4 cos its an EU mandatory for a 4x4.

the cage and the underslung spare on the 4x2 adds weight to the rear of the car, and improves the handling no end imho..

yes....the boots are different on the 4x4 and the 4.2

the 4x2 has an underslung cage and more height within the bootspace...

the 4x4 has the spare wheel braced inside the boot, a moulded "cupboard" of polystyrene around it for bits n bobs, the lid being provided by the hard floor of the boot....

you can still fit a fully grown St Bernard in a 4x4....ask Macnamara :)

as Troute has already said, the driving feel, and driving styles for both cars are very different

DM x
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