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Well let me terrorise you some more this mellow evening ;)

What kind of extra front lights do you have ?

I've looked at many types of LED bars and cans but cant really decide what to have.

I dont need more than 300-400m of length and some good width, since i drive a lot of small forrest roads.

Had 2 great 60w flood led cans om my Skoda and really loved them. Also have a Vision X xtreme on my work car, a Volvo D4 Classic.

Like the leds except they are not so good when spotting animals in snowy woody landscape.
But very easy light for your eyes to "work" with.

Tought about a removable 30' curved spot on the roof bar or maybe some 60w cans in the front.

Then i installed 3 blue Hella 3000 spots on my girls car and now i love them too...

Its a hell to choose lights to the car ;)
Maybe i need more cars...

Now i'm pretty sure to get 3 blue hella 3000 spots in front and some floods on the roof with a separate switch.

I'm aware of the pros and cons of both type of lightning...

Not sure what i want with this post ;)

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...apologies for only seeing this thread now - don't know how I managed to miss it before...

...I haven't committed myself to roof lights yet, but I fancy something like they did with the 'Adventure' model...

...rather than adding a lateral mounting bar between the roof rails, I'm thinking of mounting one spot to the front inner edge of each roof rail...

...I'm also tempted to go with something relatively small - around 4 inch diameter perhaps...


p.s. just spotted the 'Detour' version - that's more like it!


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