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First you will need the following accessories
Connects2 CT23DC04 Facia adaptor for Duster (they are the same between both models)
Connects2 CTSDC002 Steering column control adapter + stereo specific cable (if column controls are fitted to your vehicle) else a CT20DC01 Loom adapter
A Fakra to Din Antenna adapter (or possibly a Fakra to ISO Connector depending on the stereo chosen)
Trim removal tool and of course the stereo to be fitted I chose a Kenwood DNX4210DAB.
First of all Remove the center trim panel as described in Plissken's guide

Centre Trim Removed as per Pliskens guide the remove the Stereo.

Remove Doorpillar by pulling door rubber away and then lever the trim off starting at the top
(this step is only required if fitting DAB antenna / GPS Antenna and or Mic)

Fit Mic in suitable location cable can be pushed up under the Head lining to hide it and then down the cable cleats in the door pillar.

Fit GPS and DAB Antennas as per instructions for the individual components.

Notice all cables fed down the far left corner there is enough room behind the dash to get a thinnish arm through to grab the cables and pull them thru the stereo opening.

Refit door pillar trim

Steering stalk adapter fitted (This includes all cables required to fit the stereo except for the antenna adapter this is a fakra to din converter)

Fit the stereo as above using the metal brackets supplied with the Facia kit. and fit the facia making sure everything is lined up correctly.

Test it before putting everything back together

Refit center trim and all should now be complete.

Go for a drive and enjoy your new Stereo.
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