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I fitted my reversing sensors today. I was going to take photos but the weather looked a bit dodgy so I had to get it done before the rain.

I hope my explanation helps. (This is for the 4 sonic sensor option)

Pretty easy to do. The rear bumper has to come off. There are 4 pre-marked positions inside the bumper.

First remove each light cluster. This is easy. Just undo the finger nut. (The jack has to come out if you have one on the left)

Use a small screwdriver to push in the wiring connector and pull out on each light cluster.

There are a total of 15 bits to undo on the bumper.

There are 9 screws (security torque that most screw bit sets have)

4 under the hatch lip, 2 under the bumper, 1 around each wheel arch and 1 under the car in the middle.

There are another 2 under the car in each corner. These just have to be loosened with pliers.

There are also 2 pull button clips by each light cluster.

The difficult part once these are undone is pulling the bumper apart by the wheel arches. Just grip right under the bottom corner and gently pull.

The bumper will unclip.

The bumper will drop. Be careful of the number plate light wiring. This just twists out.

Now the bumper is off, drill the holes for the sensors (bit should be with your sensor kit) Best to put the bumper on a sheet to protect it.

Insert the sensors and route and tidy the wires to the left. There is a plastic oval shaped blanking plate to the left in the bumper frame. Drill a 20mm hole in this to route the wires into the boot. Position the sensor unit and buzzer where you want them and tidy the wires (I used cable ties and gaffer tape)

The wiring is easy. It's the green wire on the left light loom you need to tap into for the live (+12v) (this is the reversing light) There is a bolt fixing just by the left light cluster. Undo this and make sure the thread is clear of paint. (This is a good point for the bodywork earth)

Once wired up, turn on the ignition (don't start the engine) and put the car in reverse to test before you put the bumper back on.

Hope this helps someone.

Fitted a Roof bar as well. Again very easy. The mounting positions are under the rubber seal around above each door.

Order Roof bars from roof Just select you vehicle and it tells you which bars fit. £73.45 with next day delivery.

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Excellent account - many thanks. Someone has posted the pictorial instructions for removing the bumper, but your post just goes to prove that one picture isn't always worth a thousand words. I bought a 'Dolphin' 4-sensor kit; all I need now is the car to put it in!

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