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Had our Stepway dci for a couple of months & have done 1700 miles, got a couple of questions.

On the fuel gauge does the bottom bar disappear when you are near empty.

As on ours when the fuel pump light comes on with a bleep we still have the bottom bar lit, on both times this has happened the trip computer has shown 50/60 miles of fuel till empty but then within a couple of minutes/miles this has changed to dashes see photos.

This last happened on a 300 mile trip & did about 10 miles with it showing the dashes on fuel remaining with bottom bar still lit. As we were almost home just put £15 diesel in about 3 gallons & then trip computer was then showing fuel for 270 miles but mpg per gallon was showing as 57mpg which with 3 gallons put in should put it to just over 230 miles with the 50/60 that had gone with the fuel light coming on.

Is this usual as the only thing I can think is when I got it new I filled it till the second click at the pump so the neck of the tank must have been full. The trip computer was showing 550 miles but did well over 600 miles & 200 miles tile the first bar went out.


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