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Hi All,

Just a note to help everybody because a few models can be affected.

The excellent guys at the local dealer put my new Logan up on the ramps.

They even invited me through the back to point out the problem.

The screw studs holding the heat shield find resistence and dont go all the way in leaving the heat shield room to vibrate.

And it can be loud - eg. when doors are opened and shut, bumps in the road etc.

Solution - a washer either side of the heat shield to make up the gap due to the screw refusal to properly engage all the way in.

No drilling, and remember the heat shield is also attached to the fuel tank, but luckily that attachment was fine.

This could have been rectified by better attention to design at the factory.

Anyway solution works and it's a solid fit, better than original. Car doesn't make a sound and it's a two minute job.

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