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I went to update my media nav in my stepway with the full postcode update and the uk map was wiped when i came to use the satnav function. I tried to reload the map back onto my media nav but it is not in the dacia media nav toolbox. I bought the car and registered the media nav late last year so I am still within the three month period for free updates. I have been in contact with the dacia media nav update people by phone and email and they say that they cannot understand why it happened and that they cannot do anything online to help me. They have advised me to go to my local dealer. At my local dealer's they told me that they would replace any hardware problems i.e. if the media nav stopped working but for software issues such as the maps i need to go back online.

I have now contacted the online dacia media nav services and am waiting for a reply, I was considering updating my maps to a full western european map this summer as I am going abroad on holiday, but if your media nav can lose maps when updating and there is no guarantee with the maps even when they are in the three month period I dont want to throw my money away.

Any ideas anyone?
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