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Stepway tce90

Hello everybody. after 3 months long wait picked up my black Tce90 last night at 7pm. BLOODY BRILLIANT. Im in Tenerife, and in all Spain as I understand it, we can only have the Ambiance Plus. I added the medianav, which will not bluetooth with either of our Samsung phones, aircon, spare wheel, cruise control. And the dealer threw in window tinting.
As a Forum reader every day for the last few months I am sure members will be interested to know that the tailgate is push button controlled AND locked with the central locking. Also, all spares here are 80km emergency wheels. The power of the Tce has really surprised, especially after 14 years of my old faithful Daihatsu Terios 1.3, which I loved.
But the missus and I love the Stepway. Only problem is getting this much bigger car into our communal garage. Please excuse errors. Drinking wine at home after my missus had her first test runs. She loves it too. Sorry Geraint, no pics as yet. Our phones are so old They wont even connect with Medianav, and I dont think my tablet has a camera.
These cars are loved over here. What a vehicle for the money. Long live Dacia. By the way, local Renault dealer Brilliant. Everything she told me has happened on time. Best wishes to everybody.
Of course I know other members have problems eith their cars.
I wish them every good fortune in getting a realistic and fair solution. But I can only post how It is for me. Thank you
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