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It is described in my manual (Mk 3 Stepway) and is as follows, note the ‘?’ is the icon that appears on your display. Page 2-48.


Detection of vehicles
When driving at a speed between
approximately 4 mph (7 km/h) and
105 mph (170 km/h), if there is a risk
of collision with the vehicle in front, the
– warns you of a collision risk:
The red warning light '?' appears
on the instrument panel accompanied
by an audible signal and, depending on
the vehicle, the message: ‟Brake”.

If the driver depresses the brake
pedal and the system still detects a
risk of collision, the brake force is increased.

– may trigger braking:
if the driver fails to react following the
alert and collision becomes imminent.

I have had this Icon and the message when approaching my fence a little too aggressively shall we say (above 4 mph LOL). It also popped up for no reason early in the year when starting the car, never did find out why.
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