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Hi Geraint,

It was all easy enough to fit, I did it with the bumper in place. You remove about 6 torx from along the underside of the engine tray and it folds down allowing you to get your hand behind to attach fixings. The top fixings I feel could be better & I'm going to change these to rivi nuts to make it more secure (you have no access behind the top fixings unless you remove the bumper).

I used coach bolts for the lower fixings & they help keep the surface as flat as possible, and their fully hidden by the number plate.

The wiring was straight forward & I used a pre wired kit from Amazon, the hardest part was running a wire from the engine bay into the cabin as I fitted an in-line switch so it can be turned off independently.

If you'd like any further pictures or have any questions let me know & I'll do my best to help.
Hi I'm just wondering do you have any pics of how you ran wires from engine bay to cab as I have bought a wire kit from amazon and just wondering how you did it thanks in advance
21 - 22 of 22 Posts