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So I have now owned my Duster (2014 Laureate 4x2 dCI 110) for just over a week and thought I'd share my thoughts.


One of my biggest gripes is that the reviews almost always say the interior shows where Dacia have cut corners to save money. I disagree! I find the interior nicely finished, solid and no different to a lot of cars on the road. Yes, some parts could do with being a little less plastic and maybe a little more solid however I haven't noticed any creaks, squeaks or rattles. If anything I find the dashboard a lot more friendly to clean than other vehicles.

If I were to have a gripe about anything it would be that I'm missing the over head cabin compartment (controversial no doubt as I've not seen many fans of it!).

Seats are comfortable and I think will happily suit me for long distances. Thee view given thanks to the high seat and ride height is outstanding. Something I have noticed is the slim central pillars give a great all round view, especially of the blind spots.


Let's start with what seems to be the largest thread so far. Rust. All cars can be affected in some way or another by rust. It is horrible to hear that people's Dusters have had this issue and that the number is growing but by real world numbers we cannot base this issue purely on what is reported here. Having had a car that rusted (bloody Megane) I would say everybody should make periodic checks of their vehicle no matter what manufacturer or type, you never know if there was a faulty paint batch, exposed metal through unseen damage etc. I do hope everyone's issues gets resolved one way or another and amicably.

I scrutinised my paint finish and found it to be very well done with no signs of poor spraying. I'd like to think this the case for all modern cars but I know this not to always be true.

I find the exterior of the Duster very attractive and the design modern. I can't help but feel it has a resemblance to the early BMW 4x4s or more recently the Qashqui 2.

I would have liked to see Dacia for mud flaps as standard as the large wheels can flick up a fair bit of debris off the road. I'm forever in fear that our pebble car park for work will ruin the rear paint.

The 16" alloys are basic but functional. Anything with more flare I'd suggest would be a little to chav for my liking.

Medianav / audio

A few reviews disliked the viewing position, I can't say that I've found it an issue. If your busy watching the screen then your busy not watching the road ahead of you. Satnavs have a voice for a reason.

I have had issues since the update, mainly being not being able to use the 7 digit postcode that I purchased. This is awaiting a software fix from LG/Dacia. I'm not impressed that it isn't included from day 1.

Sound quality is superb and connectivity excellent. I get the occasional stuttering issue when playing music over Bluetooth but it's hardly noticeable. A word of warning for those with iPhones etc and fake leads. Fake leads cause issues with playback quality (in my case) so I've replaced my two with a genuine Apple cable instead. Since then playback had been fine.

Phone calls are clear and making calls simple.

Radio reception is fantastic with the supplied aerial. I've not had good reception of LBC for a long time until now.

Boot space

How long have I waited to be able to carry all my medical equipment plus be able to fit a pram, shopping etc in the boot. My previous car could for the medical equipment and that was it, his has been a big eye opener!


The engine is quiet and runs beautifully. Real world figures via math and not the trip computer (as of today) put me at approximately 55mpg.

Bumps are absorbed well and the ride smooth. Steering I've found responsive and the turning circle excellent.

I did discover that you cannot start your day in Eco mode but instead must get a few hundred metres first. This may just be me but I noticed a lot of rabbit hopping if I did leave Eco on for a cold start. I'd assume this is to do with the changes it makes to the throttle.

There is some noise from the large wheels when driving at speed. It is easily ignored and doesn't take away from the pleasure of driving the Duster.

Wish list
Reversing sensors (on order)
Fitted rubber mats (review shortly)
Fitted boot liner (review shortly)
Mud flaps (suggestions?)

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Good initial review. Best mud flaps are OE as they fit the contour and line up properly. Wheelarch kit the best option as it keeps stones off rear quarter from front wheels.
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