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Had my Logan for a year on the 29th October.

So far it is averaging around sixty five miles per gallon, still has one of the original tyres, despite having travelled 54,244miles in that time, and other than swapping the headlamp bulbs for something brighter (only when one blew), and the windscreen wipers for ones that worked, all has been fantastic (will not mention the bloody useless heater for the foot well).

No road tax, and have just reinsured as of midnight tonight, for £347, fully comp, with 60,000 miles (50,000 business), and an all you can eat breakdown service.

As a vehicle that is used for both work and play, I have probably not had one to equal it, and certainly not for the cost per mile. My accountant is so impressed, she has one on order. On two successive quarters this year I reduced my fuel costs by fifty percent on the equivalent period of last year!!

Providing nothing horrendous breaks this year, I shall be ordering another on its two year birthday (unless Dacia decide to bring a van into this country, in which case I would get that and keep the two)!

Here's to another year of very cost effective motoring!
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