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According to Autoevolution -

The Romanian Dacia Automobile Union has once again announced that the employees working at the main plant in Mioveni, Arges County, are ready to go on strike. The decision comes as the company is about to renew its labor contracts, a good occasion for the workers to demand bigger salaries. Since negotiations took about a month last year, there's a high chance that 2015 production will be delayed.

When you work for the fastest growing car brand in Europe chances you'll want a raise are high. Not that folks over at Dacia's Romanian headquarters don't agree with the idea, but it's simply a matter of quantity. You see, the Union has been playing the same card for the last couple of years, which is betting on the fact that Romania's national auto maker, currently owned by the Renault group, will always respond to their demands since nobody wants to get in trouble. Because trouble means smaller sells, which in turn results in money lost.

However, ever since Renault opened its new line in Tangier, Morocco, back in 2013, things started to be quite stressful for the Romanian managers since they're obviously not willing to lose their spot in the business. Late 2013 found Renault expanding Dacia's production at its plant in the North African country, a decision they made in order to help meet strong demand in Europe for the Sandero model.

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Strikes are not really helping Dacia Romania, Salaries Keep Getting Bigger

Meanwhile, back in Mioveni, Romania - Europe's fifth biggest car manufacturing facility in terms of volume produced - these repetitive strikes will definitely not help make things better. Especially that, according to Dacia's statements, salaries are already a lot higher than what the average Romanian worker gets.

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