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It doesn't matter whether you're paranoid or not- they're still going to get you :oops:!
I'd happily drive a properly repaired car, no reason to believe that an approved repairer won't do a good job (but check it well before accepting it), repainted metallic paint can fade differently to that factory applied, though.
But, the insurance company will invariably want to do what's cheapest for them. Very possible they'll want to declare a write-off and offer you a pittance in settlement (and sell the damaged vehicle for repair, why can someone else repair a car cheaper than an insurnce company with all their bargaining/buying powers?).
What ever you do, stick out for a settlement that'll put you back in the position you were immediately pre-impact, may take quite some time and perseverance on your part (insurers will try to wear you down by their inaction, slow responses and miserable offers). I ended up getting a "run-around" while sticking out for a decent offer for my very lightly damaged "wreck"(beware of offers of car loans/hire) so I wasn't racking up potential costs while "negotiating".
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