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According to the BBC Shares in French car manufacturer Renault have fallen 20% after police raids on several of its factories.

The company confirmed the raids, saying that investigators wanted to check equipment at its factories.

Renault said it is fully co-operating with inquiries, adding that it does not use emissions-cheating devices.

Early reporting said the raids were connected to vehicle emissions, but French police did not confirm those reports.
News of the raids first came from the CGT Renault union. It said the raids targeted the engine control units.
According to the union, that suggests that the raids "are linked to the consequences of the Volkswagen rigge

d-engines affair".

The union also said police officers took the personal computers of several directors.

Last month, Renault said said it would invest €50m (£38m) into bringing the real emissions of its cars into line with those measured in official test conditions.
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