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Good day all, I have eventually been able to reset tHE orange service light reminder on my 2018 stepway, by myself,
I tried all the tricks, press the accellerator, and pump the brakes 3 times , and all the other one posted , but none of them worked,
What you need to do is buy an OBD moitor, ELM 327 V1.5 OBD2 WITH CHIP SET/SCANNER PIC18F25K80,
I got mine from ALI EXPRESS cost 6 euros, im sure amazon does them {get the one that connects via blue tooth)
Now on you smart phone go in to google play store, type in DACIA OIL RESET, and down load the app,

Now insert the OBD unit into the car connector, located in the glove co,mpartment,
Now switch on your phone bluetooth and pair your phone with the OBD unit,
Now open the app, and press reset, (They will ask you to watch 30 second advertisement, agree to watch
Then close the advert wiondow, and press reset on the app again, and hey presto the orange light extiguishes
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