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Hi All,

Just as a warning to anyone who has a the above car which was subject to this recall;

We've had the fuel pipe fail recently with the exact same issue. It seems the clip on our car was placed on the middle pipe, which has allowed the headlight cable to wear thorugh the fuel pipe again.

I've raised the issued with Dacia, who are claiming the repair was completed correctly. To fix all of the contaminated parts Evans Halshaw (Sheffield) have quoted over £1300, and neither of the two organisations are willing to provide any goodwill gesture towards the costs.

Pictures below to show the issue and damage - in my opinion the clip should be on the end if you've got this car, it might be worth checking.

Needless to say im just getting EH to replace the fuel pipe (160) and will be getting another garage to sort the rest (Cam belt/Aux Belt, Engine Mount,
Front lower suspension arm bushes, NSF anti-roll bar drop link)

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