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Some few months ago there was an exchange of postings which turned to identification of my car. A view was expressed that my my could not be the current version because of some feature. It was resolved in the end by a photo proving the identification.

I can now understand the reason for the confusion.

It would seem that my car has features not in the ACCESS basic specification. ie the published
spec does not have cruise control, central locking, fully adjustable steering wheel, upgraded rear seat belt for 3 safety fastening. Mine for some reason has these features. and perhaps others I haven't noticed. And it seems that these were not options to add to the basic spec.

I recently became aware of this when puzzled by the spec of my car printed in my MY DACIA app did not match my car.Also there is a alert on the opening page of the App which flags up error ( but does not identify the error). THe features of my car were listed and did not include the one above.

I have alerted DACIA of the error and they are investigating.

My apologies to the confusion which led to several posts.

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