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WARNING .....This is what I did, I am no expert!! First wear gloves and goggles! REAR DOOR Window Sandero
(Assuming that you have a broken glass) Take off the internal trim, then remove the white breather plastic, undo the 8 mm bolt that holds the window separator post in position (underneath a little clear plastic disc). Through the access hole hoover out all the broken glass, undo the 2 Torx bolts that held the glass to the mechanism,
Pull down the window separator and remove the separator post ( leaving this rubbers in place in U channels), On the front leading edge of the door take most of the rubber out of the door U channel till it is out of the way, lower the mechanism to just above its lowest point, remove the old torx screws and plastic clips, from the outside slide in the glass carefully in the same way it goes up and down (there is no trick twisting), from the outside of the car keep the glass to the front of the car and gently put back the separator post (do not put back the 8mm bolt at this time), now marry the glass up to the mechanism and replace 2 bolts loosly to the installed glass (plastic clips),
From the outside, push carefully the glass to the left so that it seats nicely in the separator post and the separator post sits nicely on the quarterlight window, feed carefully the window rubber back into the door groove,
ease the window up carefully checking there are no excess strains, once it is at the top (window closed) attache the 8mm bolt, (do not nip up yet) if the function feels smooth nip up the 8mm bolt, try a few gentle up and downs loosen the 8mm bolt and nip up again. then nip up the 2 mechanism bolts , refit the trim. Good luck !
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