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Hi all,

Here is the fix for anyone with a boot that doesn't pop open when you turn the key or pull the release level in the cabin.

The boot has 2 rubber bungs on it that compress when you close the tail gate (see first picture). When you release the mechanism (by lever or key) the rubber bungs expand and pop the tailgate clear of the hook.

What sometimes happens is that the plate on the car that the tail gate mechanism 'hooks' onto moves towards the back of the car (in the direction of the red across in the second pictures). The result is that the rubber bungs do not compress and thus don't expand and pop the tailgate clear of the hook. In fact if you look in the second picture you can see the scrape marks were the plate as slide against the screws.

Simply loosed the 2 screws and push the plate in the direction of the green arrows, then tighten them up again. You'll then find the tailgate pop's on release again.

I hope this helps anyone that might have this problem.


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