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I posted previously of the good results from adding BlueSpark boost-boxes to DCi90 diesels, so it's time to add one to the petrol 3 cylinder turbo TCe90.

We should not speak yet of improved economy, because if you increase the amount of torque available then 'brisk drivers' are going to find that irresistible. But economy gains are possible, if a light foot is used.

BlueSpark say the box takes the TCe90 up to 109 HP, and from 135 to 155 Nm for torque. It's the torque boost we're after, as on the turbo 898cc petrols, 90 HP only comes in at 5000 rpm, where eco drivers do not want to go. More torque at lower revs is better.

The unit cannot increase boost pressure and fuelling beyond that limited by the turbo and common rail pump, but can bring in the fuelling and boost pressure increase earlier in the rev range.

On the TCe90 the CPU-driven BlueSpark boxes are fitted with a Y shaped lead which connects to the Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor, and the Boost sensor. The latter is at the front of the engine, under the air inlet pipe. Fitting is about 15 minutes, though there is some cussing getting to the release catch for the Boost sensor. A pair of vice grips and a delicate touch releases it.

The BlueSpark box also comes with a by-pass plug. If the box should fail, swap the box for the plug, and normal fuelling is resumed.

With both sensors connected the BlueSpark box hides in the slot at the RH side of the battery.

Next, there's a safety check; turn on the ignition and check the box for a blue 'confidence' light, then start it it up.

The BlueSpark boxes have five settings from A-E bridged by a jumper. A-B are economy modes, C-D-E are performance modes. Mine is set on B.

Clearly with more torque available there's going to be more clutch, tyre and brake wear if the car is driven energetically.

On the road

With the BlueSpark on B the Sandero TCe90 is immediately more responsive. The increase in torque even at 0-30 mph is very noticeable and the car now pulls in the same way that the diesel does, using less throttle pressure.

The turbo lag of the TCe90 is also reduced, so the engine now pulls well from about 2500 rpm. There's still the boost-kick at 3000 and again at 5000 rpm if you venture that far up the tach.

On motorways the throttle is more responsive, and the torque boost, even on the mild B setting is very pleasing. The car does feel much more brisk. It's too early to tell what the economy gains or losses will be, given that 'brisk' driving is er, enjoyable.

The Eco button also continues to work, so if you want to save your new Sparkyness you can still run with the Eco button on. Even with Eco on, the car feels more sprightly than without the BlueSpark.

So, thumbs up for BlueSpark again, I didn't get a free unit to write this review, but if you want to try a BlueSpark box, they have a 28-day money back guarantee.

Discount Code

The box contained a discount code card for 10% reduction; it's TAF1859 (as of April 2017.) Photos of the BOOST and MAP sensor locations for TCE90, below.

BlueSpark UK are on:

They will fit the unit for you if you visit their premises.


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