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Apologies if this subject has been done to death but I have searched and can't find anything specific on tyre protection sealant.

This is the stuff you put into the tyre prior to any problems, it coats the inside of the tyre and in the event of a puncture seals the hole within seconds with very little loss of pressure. As long as the puncture is in the tread area and not the side-wall the tyre remains perfectly safe and legal to drive on. You do not have to replace it or get it repaired.

It has been used by bikers for years - no spare wheel!

Google the stuff and watch the videos there are various makes out there but all are pretty much the same,

Anyway, I opted for 'Ride On', see below link, and bought their 4x4 pack which gave me six bottles. 4 for the Stepway and two for my bike. One bottle is enough per car wheel but they recommend 1&1/2 per wheel for a 4x4 hence the 6 bottle kit. The cost was £39 all in.

The installation is straight forward enough, you deflate the tyre take the valve insert out position the wheel valve toward the bottom and squeeze in the sealant.

I took the weight off each wheel with a jack so the tyre wouldn't distort when deflated and also warmed the bottles up first which made it much easier to squeeze in through the valve tube. Clear the valve tube with a quick pump of air prior to putting the valve core back in then insert it and re-inflate.

They provide clear instructions and a decent valve tool and filler tube to get the job done. I did however opt to purchase a good 12v inflater for which I have other uses as well!

What you then have is a big gooey lump sat in the bottom of your wheel. This gets your attention when you start to drive as you can imagine, its all covered in the destructions :) , but basically centrifugal force soon distributes it all over the inside of the tyre.

In my case doing just 2 x 13 miles journeys to work and back took a couple of days for all of the vibration to completely go right across the speed range but go it does.

In addition to the peace of mind if it does work , and I don't intend driving over sharp things just to try it out, a big bonus for me was when it had fully coated the tyres the ride quality was very much improved, road noise is now considerably less and the whole car feels more 'damped' over bumps etc.

Up to now I would recommend.

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